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FIC: "Of Princes & Slaves", R, 19/19
osirisbrackhaus wrote in mummy_slash
Title: "Of Princes and Slaves"
Author: Osiris Brackhaus & Beryll
Part: 19/19
You can find all previous chapters here
Rating: R
Credits: To Larry, for his excellent help, To MayetRa, for perpetual encouragement.

Of Princes & Slaves, Part 19

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I can't access the link.

Ought to be fixed now - thanks for pointing this out!

Awesome! Thank you so much but I can only read to chapters 17-19. I can't find the others. Y_Y

I just want to read this so bad! Please *on knees* let me know when I can access.

Dammit. Don't know how that happened. They should all be available again now, only the masterpost link might not be working in all posts.
But you can access all part via the tag on my lj.
Once again, thanks for pointing this out!

Thank you so much for fixing this. I'm going to read it right now!

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